US to UK Shoe Size Conversion: Accurate Guide For Smooth Shopping

If you think it’s confusing to compare UK and EU shoe size, then the US to UK shoe size chart might be even more so. That’s because both sizing styles have small numbers that could look similar to someone who doesn’t pay attention.

This is how people go home with extra small boots for their tomcat or cross the Ocean with supersized moccasins.

To avoid this, take a look at the size charts for both men and women below.



2 4 212
3 5 220
4 6 229
5 7 237
6 8 246
7 9 254
8 10 262




3 4 220
4 5 229
5 6 237
6 7 246
7 8 254
7.5 8.5 258
8 9 262
8.5 9.5 266
9 10 271
9.5 10.5 275
10 11 279
10.5 11.5 283
11 12 288
12 13 296
13 14 305
14 15 314

How To Keep Track

If you’re in a shoe shop, always check the tag or the label sawn on the shoe tongue and try to follow the line that interests you. The sizes are usually set in a particular order, so it’s easier to remember.

If you’re binge-shopping online, you should find a chart, a box displaying sizes or someplace you should tick or untick. Some websites have a shoe size chart that helps you convert American shoe size to UK’s.

It’s even better if the producer helps with the process by displaying charts and converters because they usually use their own measurements.

Different Tables

Unlike standardised EU size charts, the US has double charts, just like the UK. Men and women have different tables in both the US and the UK.

A slight distraction could cost you at least 8 or 9 mm, and you’d find yourself wearing wool socks with your sandals – a view to remember.

Women could have it even worse because there is a two numbers gap from one side of the chart to the other. That’s a 16 to 18 mm difference.

Remember, the countries, brands and manufacturers always have different interpretations of such charts, so it’s better to know the return policy when you click the pay button.

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