11 Best Shoes for Flat Feet


If you find yourself among those suffering from flat feet, you probably know how difficult it is to find the right pair of shoes for your condition. 

Whether it causes you any pain or not, you’re more likely to correct it through your footwear than exercises. 

Regardless of what you need your footwear for, you should be looking for a cushioned sole, a good arch support and ample room in the toe box. 

Below you’ll find some of the best shoes for flat feet – whether you’re after some stylish ones for work, supportive trainers for running, a comfortable pair for walking or simply some enjoyable sandals. Oh, and we’ve covered some slippers as well!


Best Shoes for Flat Feet

Now let’s get down to some stylish, yet comfortable shoes for flat feet. The list contains a pair for every need.

Vionic Women’s Trainer Keaton: best work shoe for women

best work shoes for women with flat feetVionic is one of the few brands out there that can successfully combine both functionality and fashion into their products. 

Through its technology, this orthopaedic shoe manufacturer promotes a good posture while keeping your look stylish, as well. And these Keaton trainers make no exception.

Made of a quality leather, they come in a blend of three different colours: black, light grey and mocha, a lighter shade of brown.

With a wide fit and an anti-slip rubber sole, they offer good support and are comfortable enough to wear during any long day at work.

But first, Vionic recommends that you wear their products just a few hours a day for the first two weeks or so, giving your feet time to adjust to the new level of support.

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Vionic Men’s Preston Shoe: best work shoe for men with flat feet

best shoes for men with flat feetWe couldn’t brag about the popular Vionic’s orthotic’s support without including a pair of work shoes for men as well. 

Although they don’t come cheap, you can’t put a price on your health and comfort. 

Yet again, they’re made of leather and they boast a removable cushioned footbed. That means that you can easily accommodate your insoles – if needed.

There are not many shoe brands that manufacture stylish, classic orthotic shoes for work or special occasions. And if you don’t like this colour, you can always go for brown – this time they called it ‘Tan’. What’s with Vionic and their weird colour names?

Don’t forget about giving your feet time to adjust to these shoes.

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Brooks Women’s Ariel ’16 Running Shoes: best women running shoes for flat feet

best women running shoes for flat feetBrooks are another well-regarded company when it comes to manufacturing shoes that are both suitable and comfortable for those suffering from flat feet. 

And these running trainers make no exception either. With two different colours to choose from, they boast a great ankle support and motion control.

Motion control running shoes are intended to limit excessive foot motions by decreasing the extent of pronation. So if you’re in the hunt for the best running shoes for flat feet, this is a must-have feature. 

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ALTRA Paradigm 4.0 Running Shoes: best men running shoes for flat feet

best running shoes for men with flat feetGone are the days in which we had only one or two running shoes manufacturers to choose from. There are always newcomers in this market and ALTRA seems to be doing something right. 

These shoes do offer a great support while promoting a natural posture. Plus, they do a great job in keeping your feet sweat free. 

There are four different colours to choose from. 

Depending on your liking, you might not consider these the most fashionable running shoes. But you can always quickly change them (and take a shower) before heading to the pub, right?

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New Balance Women’s 840 Trainers: best walking shoes for women with flat feet

best walking shoes for women with flat feetThese New Balance shoes are comfortable enough to accompany you on almost any long walk. And not just anyhow, they’ll definitely do it in style!

Just make sure it doesn’t rain – although they’re made of some leather, waterproofing isn’t on their menu.

But they are well-cushioned and offer a good ankle support. Plus, there are plenty of different colours to choose from (seven, to be more precise).

However, remember that you might want to add 1/2 size larger, their fitting isn’t great.

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Meindl Men’s Respond GTX Low Rise Hiking Shoe: best flat feet walking shoes for men

best walking shoes for men with flat feetAlthough they’re not that cheap, these Meindl walking shoes scream quality. Compared to the women’s New Balance, you can indeed take these shoes for pretty much any walk.

They feature the popular breathable Gore-Tex membrane, which should keep your feet sweat free along the way. Made of velour leather and mesh construction, these are also waterproof – which is always a great addition to any walking shoes.

They are surprisingly lightweight given their well-built structure. Support and comfort – all in a single pair of shoes.

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ECCO Offroad Open Toe Sandals: best flat feet walking sandals for women 

best women walking sandalsIf the weather’s too hot but you still want to keep yourself moving, then look no further than these Ecco sandals.

But let’s admit it; it’s not often that the weather’s too hot for a standard pair of walking shoes in Britain, right? So we’ll have to assume you’ll be buying these to take them in your travels as well.

And you can easily do so – they’re extremely supportive, comfortable and durable – there’s nothing stopping you in these!

Their quality is reflected in the large number of 5-star reviews this pair received online.

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ECCO Offroad Multisport Outdoor Shoes Men’s: best walking sandals for men with flat feet

best walking sandals for men with flat feetAlright, alright! We might be a bit biased here but when it comes to walking sandals there’s nothing better than the Eccos. And here I was talking about being bias, right?

Sure, they cost more than a standard, generic pair but the miles and duration you get out of these comes nowhere near. You’ll run freely on the varying terrain of Spain or any other hot country.

Just like any other ECCO pairs, these are very well-made, supportive – as much support as you can get out of a pair of sandals, and very comfortable.

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SESSOM&CO Women’s Orthotic Flip Flops: best women’s flip flops for flat feet

best women's flip flops for flat feetIf we previously talked about sandals, now it’s time to include the footwear you’d be wearing on the beach, around the pool or, why not, around the house – flip flops.

And if we’d take for the multiple online reviews, these are seriously supportive. Yeah, there are not many flip flops that can boast such orthotic features as these, they do provide a great arch support. 

See for yourself!

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Everhealth Orthotic: best men’s flip flops for flat feet

best men's flip flops for flat feetIn the same price range as the women’s flip flops, these Everhealth boast pretty much the same features. They market themselves as working for any arch type and online reviewers don’t stop bragging about how comfortable they feel.

They do, however, promote the same natural posture that should help eliminate most common foot pains. You can choose any of their three different colours available: black, brown or blue.

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Skechers Women’s Squad Sr Work Shoes: best trainers for flat feet

best skechers for women with flat feetDependent on the industry you work in, these could be a good fit. Most trainers don’t have any slip resistance, but not these. These Skechers are equipped with an EVA sole that offers a good slip resistance, suitable for people working in catering, for example.

Actually, these might be among the best Skechers for flat feet due to their construction. They’re lightweight and come equipped with a memory foam footbed. Although they don’t offer a great ankle support, they’re very comfortable. Skechers are well-known for the comfort of their footwear.

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What shoes to wear for flat feet?

Comfortable, wide fit shoes are usually your best bet. The heel alignment is equally important – look for a pair with a low heel. Don’t forget about shoe insoles either; buy a pair that’ll support your feet.

Hopefully this article will help you find the right pair. Any other type of shoes that helped you with your condition?

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