6 Features of good boots for wide feet

A good pair of wide boots can take you from the coldest winter days to rough terrain. If you’re into long walks, this is an essential part of your gear. Boots are one of the most important pieces in a hiking kit, and it’s worth investing in a quality set that will last for years. Find out what features make up a good boot, so you know what to look for next time you’re shopping!

What to look for in wide-fit boots

1. The material should be durable and water-resistant

This is an important factor to consider, especially if you need to be out in bad weather due to your job or other reason. Water-resistant shoes will help keep your feet dry even when you’re walking through puddles.

2. Good boots will have a waterproof lining to keep your feet dry

The waterproof lining does exactly what it sounds like. This will help keep you from having to change your socks every hour because the ones you’re already wearing have gotten soaked with water.

3. There should be good ankle support to avoid twists, sprains, and other injuries

People with wide feet tend to have problems keeping their ankles supported as they walk or run. When someone’s ankles roll outwards, that is what causes the injury. A good boot will prevent this from happening.

4. Wide feet boots need strong soles for stability on slippery surfaces like snow or ice

This is one of the most essential features to look for when buying a new pair of boots with wide foot space. One way to test if your shoes work well on snow and ice is to walk through a patch of snow or try walking up an icy hill. If you can’t do either without falling over, the soles aren’t thick enough for your feet.

5. The best wide feet boots are made of breathable materials that allow the skin beneath to breathe while preventing heat buildup in your shoes

This is important because if your shoes don’t let your feet breathe as you wear them, the sweat will build up inside and make your feet smell icky. Nobody likes smelly shoes!

6. Your toes should not touch the end of the shoe when you’re wearing them properly – this is an indication that they’re too small for you!

If your toes touch the very end of your boots while you’re wearing them, they are likely too small for you. If they are touching, this will cause an uncomfortable amount of pressure on the ends of your feet that could lead to blisters or other problems.


A good pair of boots can help you do your job better or take on the elements to the best of your ability. By considering what features are important, you can find a solid pair that will serve you well for many years to come!

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