7 Best Shoes for Nurses

If you’re a nurse, you probably know the importance of your footwear.

It can cause foot pain, tendonitis, or plantar fasciitis. Uncomfortable shoes can trigger various aches and pains while comfortable shoes can alleviate them.

Besides, you’re on the front line of saving patients, pulling long shifts and getting little rest. That’s another reason why you need comfy shoes that help you stay on top of your game.

But if your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to research possible options in-depth, we’ve got you covered. After analysing hundreds of products, we came up with the list below. 

Read on to make the right choice for your specific needs.

How to Choose the Best Nursing Shoes

Nursing shoes should be comfortable, contouring, and supportive for long hours. You need to focus on your patients, not your blisters or achy feet. Besides, a comfy pair of shoes allows you to move fast when you’re needed.

You also want hygienic shoes. That means choosing shoes that are easy to clean, as well as anti-microbial. Look for shoes that keep your feet cool and odour-free.

Nursing shoes need to be safe. That depends on your line of work:

  • Focus on an anti-slip outsole and ankle support if you work on slippery surfaces
  • Get a pair of leather shoes if you need protection against sharp instruments
  • Focus on arch, heel, and ankle support if you’re walking or running

If that feels like too many things to focus on, read the list below. We classified the shoes depending on your main purpose and needs. That will help you choose a reliable pair of shoes.

The Best Shoes for Medical Staff

The shoes below have different styles and work for different purposes. Some are best if you work long hours while others are great if you work on slippery floors. However, all these models are comfortable and help you if you have achy feet. Read on to get the shoes you need!

Clarks Women’s Un Loop Loafers – best overall

best value shoes for nurses These loafers are our best choice because they’re comfortable, durable, and they look good. You can work on your feet easily all day without any pain if you’re wearing these shoes.

Here are other reasons to get Clarks Women’s Un Loop Loafers:

They have a good grip. The gum rubber sole prevents slips no matter how fast you’re walking. 

They support your arch. The curved sole design with the 3.5 cm heel ensures your plantar fascia stays relaxed the whole day. That way, you can avoid plantar fasciitis pain.

They prevent soreness and bunions. The insole is the right blend of cushiony and firm, which translates into good shock absorption. 

They prevent heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendonitis. The curved sole, contouring interior, and firm heel ensure that your feet can stay aligned to your ankles for top support. That way, you won’t experience any abnormal stretching of your tendons or swelling on your sole/ heel area.

  • Resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Anti-slip
  • Good arch support
  • Cushiony interior
  • They prevent pain and chronic feet problems
  • There’s no width fitting option available, which is why a few people found these shoes too tight


Clarks Women’s Funny Dream Lace-Ups – best for walking

best walking shoes for nursesThese Clarks are another pair of reliable shoes for healthcare workers that walk a lot during their shifts. That’s because they’re made of a quality leather that feels soft on your feet while their soles cushion your steps on different types of floors. Besides, the lace-up design keeps your feet more secure.

You should consider these shoes especially if:

You walk on different surfaces. Although these Clarks don’t have a grooved sole, they’re non-slip. The rubber outsoles allow you to walk on wet or polished floors without any fear of slipping.

You work long hours. The inner sole is cushioned and contouring to fit your precise anatomical sole shape. That means you’ll get good support and shock absorption throughout the day.

You have heel pain. If you’re constantly walking or standing, heel pain is no stranger to you. However, these shoes have a cushioned heel pad that reduces the risk of swelling.

You want to look good. These lace-up shoes have a classic design that you can fit with all your outfits, not just your medical scrubs.

  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Non-slip
  • Cushioned
  • Contouring for extra support
  • Alleviate heel pain
  • Not fully waterproof


Skechers Women’s Go Walk 4-Pursuit Trainers – best ergonomic design 

best shoes for nursing ukSkechers Go Walk 4-Pursuit are ergonomic shoes for doctors because they get you top support to eliminate pain and pressure points. 

You should consider these shoes especially if you have pre-existing feet pain, flat feet or overpronation. That’s because:

You get good heel support. The stabilising heel fabric ensures good alignment between your feet and ankles. That way, you can maintain a correct posture which reduces your pain.

You need good shock absorption. The 5GEN midsole cushions your feet from impacts. Besides, this material is highly responsive, meaning it contours your feet for optimal support.

You won’t experience pain or pressure points. The EVA midsole contours and supports your feet. That means your feet can stay relaxed, without any abnormal stretching to your tendons. Good contouring also corrects poor posture and eliminates usual pressure points to your heel or forefoot. That’s why these shoes can prevent and alleviate pain well.

You can walk a lot. These lightweight shoes promote natural walking because the high-rebound footbed offers you dynamic support. That’s thanks to the good weight distribution and the fact that the shoes can adapt to your movements. The mesh upper is also flexible and changes shape when you’re walking, so you won’t feel it pressing on your feet. 

  • Value-for-money
  • Anti-bacterial odour control
  • Reduce your pain and pressure points
  • Correct your posture
  • Good for your long shifts
  • 6 different colours to choose from
  • Not the most stylish


Hush Puppies Women’s Emin Mary Jane – best stylish 

stylish shoes for nurses Hush Puppies Women’s Emin Mary Jane are stylish-looking pumps, but they have thin soles. That’s why they’re among the best shoes for medical staff who don’t walk or stand a lot, such as dentists or GPs. These shoes are comfortable for the whole day, though.

Here’s why you should get these shoes:

They look good. The raised seam detail, leather upper, and Velcro strap offer you a mix of classic and young vibes. You don’t have to wear stilettos at work to inspire confidence or look good because these shoes have you covered.

They’re secure. The hook and loop closure and the adjustable strap allow you to adjust the width of the shoe however you need. That way, the shoes will be tied securely to your feet the whole day.

They’re comfy. The soft inner and outer layer, plus the manmade sole are soft and cushiony. In fact, many reviewers claim these shoes are as comfy as slippers. The downside is they only have 0.5-inch heels and flat soles. Therefore, they won’t offer you extra support and cushioning if you’re standing all day.

  • Stylish
  • Value-for-money
  • Secure adjustments
  • Soft, comfortable interior
  • Good for all-day wear
  • They have thin soles, so they don’t offer top cushioning


Crocs Women’s Kadee Slingback Closed-Toe Sandals – best budget for achy feet

best budget shoes for nurses with achy feetThese Kadee Slingback Closed-Toe Sandals are some of the best shoes for nursing staff, especially if you have chronic foot soreness and pain. That’s because these shoes have a unique sole design, with tiny bumps that massage your feet. Add to that the cushioning EVA midsole, and you won’t get home complaining of achy feet.

Choose the Kadee Slingback if you:

Have a small budget. Although Clarks and Sketchers are the go-to brands for comfy shoes, these Crocs will cost you much less, and still get good comfort.

Want good support. The EVA sole is cushiony and supportive because:

      • It’s thick enough to absorb impacts.
      • It moulds to your sole, so your arch stays relaxed.
      • The flat heel portion keeps your heel secure, to minimize pain and swelling in the area.

Need an on-the-go foot massage. The bumps on the inner sole work like acupressure points on your sole. Therefore, they can reduce your pressure points and relax your feet.

Want a good grip. The rubber outsole with ridges won’t let you slip on polished or wet surfaces.

  • Affordable
  • Cushiony, contouring sole
  • Secure on your feet
  • Relaxes your feet muscles
  • Good for long shifts
  • Hygienic (easy to wash)
  • Durable
  • Non-slip


Skechers Women 12615 Low-Top Trainers – best for support

best trainers for nurses The 12615 Low-Top Trainers are a good choice if you’re standing on your feet all day and walking/ running on slippery surfaces. That’s because they offer top ankle support, as well as a good grip. Although the 12615 Low-Top Trainers by Skechers won’t offer you much protection against spillage, they’re comfortable for long shifts.

Here’s why you should put them on your list:

They’re breathable. The inner textile and outer fabric materials keep your feet sweat-free and cool. That’s essential if you work long hours.

They offer top ankle support. The shaft height and lace-up closure support your ankles very well. This feature is an advantage if you work on slippery surfaces or have to run a lot.

They minimize foot strain and pain. The EVA footbed and flat heel are contouring and offer you firm support. That means your soles can maintain a relaxed, neutral position with no abnormal stretching or pressure zones.

They’re good for walking. The outsole offers you a good grip, and it’s also thick enough to minimize impacts from stepping onto hard surfaces.

  • Breathable
  • Good for slippery surfaces
  • Best choice for running and walking
  • Reduce pain and pressure points
  • Comfortable for hours
  • Bulky design
  • Don’t protect you against spillages


Clarks Women’s Un Adorn Zip Loafers – best comfortable 

most comfortable shoes for nursesThese Clarks Women Un Adorn Zip Loafers are the most comfortable choice for medical staff because they have soft soles and contouring interiors. You will feel like you’re wearing slippers, and you won’t experience any blisters or rubbing.

Although Clarks Un Adorn are similar to Clarks Un Loop, they have a bulkier design. However, they’re functional, breathable, and you can easily clean them.

Get these shoes if you need:

Reliable shoes for long shifts. The soft interior and breathable leather make these shoes comfortable for hours. Besides, the zip closure is very secure even when you’re on the go.

Cushioning against blisters. The cushioning and contouring interior reduces impacts on your feet. That way, you can walk all day on different surfaces, or even stairs without fear of blisters.

Top support. The 3.5 cm flat heel and curved sole support your feet from the toes to your heel. That’s why the Un Adorn Zip Loafers keep your feet muscles relaxed, in a neutral position, reducing your risk of achy feet.

  • Soft
  • Breathable
  • Secure
  • Cushiony
  • Contouring
  • Good arch support
  • The rubber soles prevent your risk of slipping
  • Bulky design

Wrap Up – which shoes should you choose?

You’ve read about seven best shoe models for nurses and doctors, each with their own features. Remember to choose according to your line of work, pre-existing conditions, as well as style preferences. Get the shoes that keep you productive, healthy, and happy. 

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