Best Sheepskin Boots: 9 Cosy Models That FIT Your NEEDS

Sheepskin boots are all the rage in winter urban fashion. They’re light and comfortable for long periods, plus they’re so soft that you can wear them without socks!

The best sheepskin boots are much cosier than hiking boots but have similar advantages. Choose the right pair carefully, to keep your balance on snow and your feet warm and dry.

Remember that not all sheepskin boots are created equal – some allow water to get inside, while others are a real falling hazard.

Besides, even the most functional ones might not be your style, which means you can end up hating your purchase.

In this article we’ll go through nine top models on the market, analysing their pros and cons in terms of your needs.

Best Sheepskin Boots the UK market has to offer

Without further ado, let’s analyse some of the best quality sheepskin boots that you can currently buy online:

UGG BAILEY BOW: top arch support

best sheepskin boots with arch support
UGGs are cosy on cold winter days, and these UGG Bailey Bows won’t disappoint. And in case you’re wondering, yes, fit, support, and comfort are also top-notch, like with all UGGs.

Here’s what you’ll like about them:

The Twinface sheepskin upper is an insulating material so that your toes can remain toasty throughout the day. Besides, this material is also snow-proof, resistant to punctures, and durable.

The Sheepskin foam insole is also insulating.

Now you’re thinking that so much heat retention will make you sweat like mad in these boots.

But no.

The insole material wicks moisture so that your feet will stay dry throughout the day.

Yes, you can wear the UGG Bailey Bow Boots the whole day, and they’ll feel comfortable. We know that specialists advise against flat shoes, but these boots have flexible EVA midsoles for reliable arch support. So, as your feet are aligned and in a neutral position, you’ll avoid cramps and pain.

You’ll also like the rubber soles, especially if you’re walking through some slosh or snow because rubber adds traction. However, these soles don’t have perfect grips because they’re the wedge type. The lack of heel or prominent lugs for extra friction means you shouldn’t wear these UGGs on ice or slippery sloped terrain.

Moreover, you’ll be surprised by the sizing.

A lot of UGGs are too big, but not these. The Bailey Bows receive some complaints about running too narrow, although most reviewers claim they’re the right size.

Our advice? Double-check all the sizing charts to get it right from the start.

  • Insulating
  • Breathable
  • Good arch support
  • Comfortable for long hours
  • Moisture-wicking
  • May run a little narrow
  • Not for slippery terrain such as ice



best sheepskin boots for wide feet If you want a slightly taller pair of boots, give these Minnetonka Olympia Boots a try. They look chic and cosy. Legend has it every time you wear these boots; you’ll feel the smell of home-baked Christmas cookies, and Santa adds another surprise to your list.

This legend isn’t proven, but here’s what is:

These boots are comfortable and durable. Just look at their plush, fury interiors!

The suede uppers are flexible, but also hug your feet snugly so that your ankle stays supported. Yet not everyone’s happy about that; some customers complain these boots are too snug.

Here’s a real advantage, though:

The Olympia boots come in more colour choices than the UGGs above. You can find them in black, brown, beige, and even fuchsia and indigo.

If you have wide feet, the Olympia boots may be a better choice than the Bailey Bows that some reviewers consider to be too narrow.

Conversely, the Bailey Bow UGGs have better soles with better arch support and more traction. So, these Olympia boots can be slightly slippery.

But, if you’re not walking on ice or sleet, give the Olympia a try.

  • Chic
  • Cosy
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Snug fit
  • Good for wide fit
  • Little arch support
  • Slippery



best sheepskin boots for walking on pavementThese Fitflop Mukluk Shorty Boots are a good option if you’re looking for hot sheepskin boots. But be warned: some reviewers claim they’re too narrow.

If you like the foot-hugging feeling, though, go right ahead. The suede uppers will hug your ankles, and you’ll get plenty of foot support during long walks.

Besides, we all know that suede gives with time.

Another advantage is that the Mukluk boots have undergone a 3M Scotchgard water-repelling treatment. That means you can wear them even in some puddles, which is more than you can do with the previous two boots.

Don’t forget to continue applying a waterproof spray to keep them water-resistant, though.

You’ll also like the EVA sole if you walk a lot and need cushioning against impacts. Although an EVA midsole would have been better for cushioning, now we’re just picky.

But, although these boots offer you more arch support than the Minnetonka Olympia boots, they’re not great if you have chronic foot pain.

In this case, you’d need more room for your orthotics, which these boots simply don’t have. Plus you’d lose the comfort of the furry interiors.

But another advantage to EVA sole compared to rubber (see the UGG Bailey Bow above) is that it’s more flexible and lighter weight. Conversely, it’s also more slippery. And, if you compare the Mukluk’s sole design with the Bailey Bow’s in terms of lugs, you’ll see they offer less traction.

But, if you want these boots mostly for pavement, they’re a worthy choice.

  • Reliable ankle support
  • Waterproof
  • Shock-absorbing EVA sole
  • Lightweight
  • Very warm
  • Narrow fit
  • Slippery


UGG ANKLE BOOTS: top waterproof

best waterproof sheepskin boots ukThese UGG Women’s W Classic Short Boots are perfect if you’re looking for a pair of comfy, waterproof sheepskin boots.

As you know, sheepskin is very warm, and these UGGs have plenty of it.

The uppers are 17 mm Twinface sheepskin that’s incredibly insulating because it’s so thick. Even the lining and insole are 17-mm thick sheepskin layers.

Were you planning a trip to the Arctic soon?

Hold your horses.

These boots are warm, but not exceptionally so. The Treadlite outsoles, which we’ll discuss more below, aren’t that insulating. So that’s why these UGGs have so much sheepskin to go around.

So while we don’t recommend visiting the North Pole too soon, we think these boots are reliable for UK weather.

We also appreciate the nice touch of a water-repelling treatment. That means you can wear your boots in rainy, wet weather. Plus, they’re easy to wipe clean if you spill your morning coffee on them.

Basically, you can wear these boots anytime, anywhere. Almost.

The soles are EVA, so they’re very cushiony and supportive during long walks. Besides, the trademarked Treadlite outsole also absorbs impacts while giving your feet enough flexibility when you walk. The right mix of sole support and flexibility is crucial to avoid long-term foot pain.

And we have to admit that Treadlite outsoles do a pretty good job with traction. Although they’re not on par with the hiking boots regarding grip, these UGGs are certainly reliable for most urban traction needs.

  • Water-resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Warm enough
  • Cushiony
  • Good traction
  • Expensive
  • Not as warm as other sheepskin boots


UGG MINI BAILEY BOW: chic sheepskin boots

stylish sheepskin boots for ladiesThe UGG Mini Bailey Bow boots look playful and cosy. The Shearling fur lining on the inside is soft and rich, basically inviting you to slip your feet inside.

The back bow is feminine, but also practical so that you can slip on and off these boots easily.

Unlike the previous UGGs, though, these have sheepskin only on the insole.

You might think that means they’re not as warm as other winter boots.

But you’d be wrong because the Antilope suede is very resistant and has some insulating properties. And it looks nice too, especially if you choose the right colour.

You have five options to pick from: brown, grey, magenta, pink, and fuchsia.

Pro tip: The lighter colours get dirty fast, especially if you’re walking through mud. And, unlike the UGG Women’s W Classic Short Boots, the Mini Baileys aren’t stain-resistant. Yikes.

But, just like the UGGs above, these Mini Bailey Bows have a trademarked Treadlite sole. Of course, the same pros and cons apply. So while this is a cushiony, supportive sole with top traction, it’s not the best insulating sole.

However, happy reviewers from all over the world say these boots are hot. And they are, for European temperatures.

  • Fashionable
  • Soft inners
  • Warm enough
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Resistant
  • Five colour choices
  • Good traction sole
  • Not stain resistant



best office sheepskin boots for winter The UGG Women’s McKay Winter Boots don’t look much like UGGs. They have a slimmer look, but they sport the same UGG features, like comfort, insulation, and fit.

So, if you don’t like how UGGs look but love how they feel, these boots are the right choice. Just look at the suede strap that sports that intricate whipstitch details.

But be warned:

Some reviewers don’t like the narrow fit. And, because of the low-cut design, snow can quickly get in your boots from above. Thanks to the design, though, these UGGs are best for office wear.

However, these UGGs are hot thanks to their combination of 10mm Twinface fur upper and trademarked UGGpure wool insole. These materials ensure that no cold gets in, but they’re also moisture-wicking. Therefore, your feet will stay warm and dry throughout the day.

And, if you’re looking at these UGGs and thinking they get wet and stained easily, relax. They’re pretreated against moisture and stains! That’s a definite plus compared to the Mini Bailey Bows above.

Another advantage is the trademarked Treadlite outsole. You know this is a flexible sole with good traction, but the sole design enhances these characteristics. You can see a well-defined heel and more prominent lugs, which ensure more traction on snow and ice compared to other UGGs.

  • Slim, feminine design
  • Comfortable
  • Insulating
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Water- and stain-resistant
  • Flexible sole
  • Good traction
  • Narrow fit
  • Not for tall snow


UGG WOMEN TRIPLET II BOOTS: best for wide calves and tall snow

best quality sheepskin bootsIf the possibility of snow getting in your boots dissuaded you from the UGG Women’s McKay Winter Boots, here’s another option:

These UGG Bailey Button Triplet Boots have all the same qualities of UGGs that you’re used to, plus they’re tall!

But here’s what’s unique about them: the buttons on the side. Although you get a pull-on closure, the elastic between the buttons stretches to accommodate people with big calves. Or those who like to wear stretchy jeans inside their boots.

This design isn’t problem-free, though. When the elastic stretches too much, your legs can show underneath. And not everyone likes that.

Otherwise, these boots have the same typical UGG characteristics.

They’re warm and comfortable because they have leather uppers and plush, fury interiors. The bonus is that the uppers are water- and stain-proofed.

The EVA soles are cushiony enough against impacts, which is nice if you walk a lot. Besides, the Bailey Button’s soles have prominent enough lugs for good traction.

But we’d still be careful on the icy ground, though.

  • Tall
  • Warm
  • Comfortable
  • Plush fur
  • Impact-absorbing
  • Button design for larger calves
  • Your legs can show when the elastic stretches too much
  • Not best for icy terrain



If you’ve read so far, you realised we value traction.

That’s because it’s impossible not to face a little ice during the winter, even if you’re mostly sticking to the pavement.

sheepskin boots with good traction ukThe first reason to consider the Bearpaw Elle boots is that you have twenty-six colour choices. Unfortunately, there’s nothing too vibrant like fuchsia or bright yellow.

Then again, looking at these boots may give you a sense of deja-vu. Haven’t we reviewed these already?

You’re not entirely wrong. The Elle boots look a lot like the Minnetonka Women’s Olympia Ankle Boots. The only apparent difference is their soles’ design and the fact that the Elle boots are almost half the price.

The Elle boots have more prominent lugs and EVA soles instead of PU soles. Therefore, these boots have a better grip than the Olympia boots.

Both boots have suede leather uppers and inner Shearling leather for extra warmth and comfort. However, the Elle boots look less plush than the Olympia boots.

You have to judge whether that’s a disadvantage or not depending on your preferences and needs. On the short-term, it’s only a problem if you like the feel of long, soft fur. But on the short-term, short hair wears out faster.

Another advantage of the Bearpaw Elle compared to the Olympia boots is their NeverWet technology.

Here’s why:

The NeverWet technology protects your boots from most stains and water, plus it has self-cleaning properties. All you need is to wash the shoes with water, and they’ll get clean quickly.

  • Value for money
  • 26 colour choices
  • Reliable traction
  • Warm
  • Stain-resistant
  • Not as durable as other models in this review
  • Thin fur
  • Run small on narrow


UGG WOMENS 1008044 ROSANA: best for ski vacations

best tall sheepskin boots ukThe UGG Rosana boots are the right choice if you have the money to spare.

You’ll appreciate the decorative stitching on the shaft too because it looks feminine.

However, rocking these boots depends on your preference and idea of style. Some petite-sized customers argue, for instance, that they look like a cavewoman wearing these boots because of the high shaft and thick fur cuff.

Just remember that the cuff is artificial fur, which isn’t that nice for the price tag.

Others appreciate how fashionable these UGGs look, even though their design is functional and straightforward.

But more than that, the Rosana boots are durable and resistant against inclement weather. If you need a pair of chic, sturdy boots on your ski vacation, definitely consider these UGGs.

Firstly, they’re hot thanks to the Shearling outer material and the Silkee suede. Besides, you can wear them in high snow because they’re water-resistant.

The UGG lining is also insulating and comfortable on your feet. That’s why some customers claim these are the most comfortable sheepskin boots on the market.

Of course, the Rosana boots have their detractors, as some women found it difficult to pull them on. Conversely, others say these boots are effortless to slip into, maybe even a bit large.

That’s why you should take the sizing chart into account before making your choice.

Bottom line: get these boots if you want a pair of durable, snow-proof, stylish UGGs for fancy occasions.


In Conclusion

We’ve reviewed some reliable, warm, and comfy sheepskin boots in this article, but not all of them will be the right choice for you.

Before purchasing, judge each product through the lens of your needs. Where will you wear them and on what terrain? How high is the temperature? Do you need them for long walks? Do you have pre-existing leg pain? What’s your budget?

If you can answer these questions, you’ll know what to choose.

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