Best Hunting Boots: 10 Quality Models For ALL Hunting Styles

If you’re looking for the best hunting boots, you came to the right place.

We’ll discuss ten top models from trustworthy companies that have excellent reviews from verified customers.

But most importantly, we’ll analyse these models in terms of your needs.

Although some models look similar, you’ll see that their characteristics suit different purposes.

So, if you want to avoid spending money on a useless pair of boots, read along.

Best Hunting Boots the UK market currently has to offer

Without further ado, let’s analyse some of the most comfortable and reliable shooting boots that you can currently buy online:

Kenetrek Insulated Hunting Boot: best for cold, dry weather

best hunting boots for cold weather ukThe Kenetrek Mountain Extreme boots are among the best winter hunting boots thanks to their 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation. It also helps that these boots have 2.8 mm top-grain leather.

Although they’re lightweight at only 4.2 pounds total, they feel just as warm as 800-gram boots.

So, if you’re hunting or hiking in cold weather, the Mountain Extreme will serve you well.

But here’s the catch:

These boots are relatively slippery on wet terrain. Their k-talon outsoles offer reliable traction on dry terrains, such as grass, rocks, or even sand. But if you take these boots out on the coast, you’ll need trekking poles for sure.

And here’s another thing:

These boots read as waterproof in the official description. But read the next keyword: breathable Windtex membrane.

What this keyword tells you is that the Mountain Extreme boots might not be so reliable if you’re crossing through numerous streams and puddles.

But, if you’re hunting deer in rainy weather, they’ll hold well. Just remember to use the Kenetrek boot treatment so that your boots can remain waterproof.

The other disadvantage is that the insoles aren’t top-notch so that you might need some orthopaedic inserts.

However, the fit is very good; very few customers complain about the sizing. Besides, these boots are comfy right out-of-the-box. You don’t need a break-in period, although the boot tongue might feel somewhat stiff at first.

You’ll also like the secure lacing system that supports your ankle completely. The hooks and laces are sturdy but flexible, just like the leather upper.

That means 100% flexible ankle support, not the rigid type of support that digs into your ankles. And that means no bruises or blisters.

  • Very warm
  • Lightweight
  • Good traction on dry terrain
  • Breathable wind membrane
  • Water-resistant
  • Good fit; can wear them right out-of-the-box
  • Top ankle support without being too stiff
  • Slippery on dry terrain
  • Uncomfortable insoles
  • Get wet in puddles

Under Armour – Mens Infil Ops GTX Load Boots: best lightweight and comfortable boots

best budget hunting boots ukDid you skip over the Mountain Extreme boots when we said they’re not perfect for wet terrains?

Well, you scrolled down to the right product then, because the Under Armour Mens Infil Ops GTX boots are 100% waterproof thanks to their GORE-TEX membrane.

You probably know that GORE-TEX is a popular material for hikers and hunters everywhere because it’s moisture-wicking, not just waterproof. Therefore, water won’t get in, but your sweat will get out so that your feet remain dry.

Plus, the Vibram® outsole with MegaGrip rubber compound offers you top traction on all types of terrain, even slippery ones.

And these boots are only about 600 grams compared to the Mountain Extreme boots, which are 900 grams/ boot.

Therefore, the Mens Infil OPS GTX Load boots are among the best lightweight and the best waterproof hunting boots.

Here’s another difference:

Unlike the Mountain Extreme boots that feature uncomfortable insoles, the Mens Infil Ops GTX Load Boots are ergonomic.

We’re not just referring to the insoles.

The textile upper is ergonomic too because it moulds to your feet. The Anafoam overlay is a type of flexible foam that adapts easily to different shapes so that it can offer grade-A support.

The moulded rubber toe cap is also ergonomic because it supports your toes on uneven terrain, especially when you’re going downhill. Besides, moulded rubber is a flexible material, although it’s strong enough against various obstacles.

The TPU stability chassis is another ergonomic feature considering it supports and stabilises your heels on uneven terrain.

The EVA midsole contours your arch so that your feet stay relaxed inside of your boots. You won’t strain them regardless of the terrain you’re on, which means you can hike and hunt for hours.

But not everyone’s happy about the arch support; some customers assimilate the arch support to standing in golf balls because it’s so high.

By contrast, though, the Mountain Extreme boots sport nylon midsoles that feel relatively rigid.

Now that you know you can wear these boots for hours, you’re probably thinking: “Man, will my feet stink when I take them off!”

Luckily, the people at Under Armour thought of that first, which is why they added a Cupron® Anti-Fungal Pro Fibers sock line. This sock line kills odour-causing fungi and works even after 12 hours of contact!

So what’s wrong with these boots?

Apart from the few complaints against the high arch support, some customers also claim these boots aren’t durable. According to them, the uppers wear out quickly and become undone from the sole.

And, of course, some people would prefer a less expensive pair of boots.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Top stability and support of your ankles, soles, heels, and toes
  • Ergonomic
  • Odour-proof
  • Lightweight
  • Full traction even in wet terrain
  • Expensive
  • Not extremely durable
  • Possibly too high arches

Danner Mens Sierra, Brown, 10 Narrow: best shooting boots

best boots for shooting
The Danner Mens Sierra is another right choice if you need waterproof hunting boots that you could wear in different types of weather.

That’s because these boots sport 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation, compared to the Mountain Extreme boots that had twice as much.

So, the Men’s Sierra boots are less warm, but they’ll perform up to -5ᵒC. Conversely, they’re comfortable to 35ᵒ+ C, according to many customers.

Besides, the Sierra Vibram sole is better than the Mountain’s Extreme sole for traction in wet terrain. It’s almost as good as the Under Armour Mens Infil Ops GTX boots’, which is also made of Vibram but has the additional MegaGrip rubber compound.

However, these Sierra boots are much heavier than the two models above: they get to about 2.47 kg.

But before you scroll down, remember that heavy boots have their advantages.

Full-grain waterproof leather resists well against impacts, punctures, dents, scuffs, and so forth. Besides, Danner uses top quality leather and a famous stitch down construction so that their boots last longer than other boots, including the Ops GTX above.

Moreover, heavier boots give you more stability when you’re shooting.

Conversely, the Under Armour Mens Infil Ops GTX boots are more comfortable.

Firstly, the Under Armour boots don’t require a break-in period like these stiff leather Sierra boots.

Secondly, we would have liked to see these Danner Sierra boots sport an anti-fungal lining that eliminates odours. We also would have enjoyed a more ergonomic design, but, unfortunately, these boots only have nylon linings and rubber-and-PU midsoles.

These materials aren’t as contouring as foam. Besides, while the footbed is Airthotic, some customers complain that it’s too stiff.

  • Comfortable in warm or cold weather
  • Resistant
  • Durable
  • Stable for shooting
  • Top traction on all terrain
  • Waterproof
  • Break-in period required
  • Few ergonomic features
  • Heavy

Irish Setter Men’s 882 Elk Tracker Waterproof: best winter hunting boots

best winter hunting boots ukThe Irish Setter Elk Tracker are the warmest boots so far thanks to their 600 gram 3M Thinsulate insulation. But remember we said that the Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Extreme boots are comparable to 800-gram boots in terms of warmth.

So why are the Irish Setter Elk Tracker boots among the best for winter?

Firstly, apart from being warm, they’re also waterproof. The leather uppers combine well with the GORE-TEX lining to ensure that water stays out of your boots, and that’s what you need if you’re hunting in snow or sleet.

And we already discussed how GORE-TEX is a breathable, moisture-wicking membrane.

By contrast, the Kenetrek boots are best for dry winters.

Secondly, these Elk Tracker boots sport comfort cork EVA footbeds with memory foam.

Here’s why that’s important:

Winter doesn’t just come with low temperatures; it also brings rugged terrain because of the snow and sleet involved. That’s why you want comfy boots that hug and support your feet, therefore minimising any pain or strain.

Thirdly, the Elk Tracker boots feature a ScentBan technology; therefore, you can wear these boots for hours, and your feet will still smell nice afterwards.

So what are the disadvantages?

You could start with the fact that they’re heavy at 2.47 kg, just like the Danner Men’s Sierra boots. Another common complaint is that these boots run a bit small, which can happen if you have wide feet.

Also, some customers claim the stitching became undone on their boots within a few months of wear.

But remember that these boots are best for big game hunting. It’s in their name, and that’s why they’re so heavy and rugged.

And a big game has a different habitat and requires other hunting techniques than small prey. So, if you’re using these boots for a different purpose than those for which Irish Setter created them, it’s logical that they can become undone faster.

  • Very warm
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable memory foam midsoles
  • Odour-proof
  • Best for a big game
  • Heavy
  • May run a little small
  • Not for all small game

Danner Men’s Sharptail 17” Gore-Tex Hunting Snake Boot: best for snake-ridden territories

best long hunting bootsIf you’re hunting in a terrain full of snakes, you should consider these Danner Men’s Sharptail boots. They’re 17-inch tall so unless you’re dealing with a snake that likes to jump high, these boots will do the trick.

Another advantage is that they’re full-grain leather and offer 360° snake-proof protection.

Of course, the Danner Sharptail boots have different advantages:

Their combination of full-grain leather and 900-denier nylon makes these boots 100% waterproof, but also lightweight so that you can hunt in any terrain.

Plus, the GORE-TEX membrane is breathable and moisture-wicking.

You can wear these boots for hours, too, thanks to their open-cell OrthoLite footbed. These footbeds offer more cushioning and support than EVA footbeds, which means the Danner Sharptail boots are better than the other models above for people with chronic foot pain.

However, these Danner Sharptail boots have rubber soles. Although rubber has a reliable grip, Vibram is better for traction on wet terrains, and it’s more durable.

Besides, a few customers don’t particularly enjoy this slip-on design. Although this design technically means you can put on these boots faster, you might face difficulties if you have thicker calves.

  • Waterproof
  • Durable leather upper
  • Resistant against scuffs, punctures, and wear
  • Comfortable footbed for chronic foot pain
  • Not the best traction for wet rocks or inclined slippery terrain
  • Might be challenging to pull on if you have thicker calves

LE CHAMEAU 1927 Men’s Chasseur Neoprene Lined Boots: best rubber hunting boots for fowl and fishing

best rubber hunting boots ukThese Le Chameau Men’s Chasseur Boots are best if you’re hunting fowl because they’re made with rubber.

Besides, the Riri Aquazip is also waterproof.

Unlike the Danner Men’s Sharptail, which are also slip-on boots, you can purchase Le Chameau Men’s Chasseur in eight calf fittings. That means these boots are easy to pull on regardless of your calf size.

Here’s another advantage:

You can walk on rugged terrain, too, thanks to the Kevlar reinforcement at the front. This reinforcement protects your boots against most abrasions and punctures.

The abrasion-resistant Grip outsole can deal with abrasions as well, and it won’t slip on wet terrain. This sole helps the Chasseur boots to perform well on muddy and soft terrains too.

You can even wear them in winter up to -15°C courtesy of their 3 mm neoprene lining that’s insulating and shock-absorbing.

However, you can notice that other models above have better arch support thanks to their EVA or orthotic midsoles. These boots offer only medium arch support thanks to their reinforced shanks, which might feel a bit rigid after a few hours hiking.

Another disadvantage is that they’re heavy at 3.32 kg. Their weight is a definite advantage for fowl hunting and fishing, when you’re standing still for long periods, but not so much for hiking.

And some customers complained about their wide fit. That’s another argument against using these boots for hiking, as your feet might slosh around in them.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Eight calf fittings
  • Front reinforcement
  • Resistant against abrasions
  • Non-slip sole
  • Insulating for cold weather
  • Heavy
  • Rigid arch support
  • Wide fit

Danner Men’s Powderhorn Insulated 400g Hunting Shoes: best versatile boots for active hunting

best sturdy boots for shootingThe Danner Powderhorn boots are the best if you’re looking for versatile boots that you can use for different purposes.

So, if you’re not just into hunting but also hiking or need a stylish enough pair of boots to wear to work, consider the Danner Powderhorn.

Here’s why:

Firstly, they sport a 400 gram Thinsulate Insulation so that you can wear these boots in different weather. They won’t be exceptional in the scorching heat, but they’re comfy during the rest of the year.

Secondly, these boots are ergonomic and comfortable thanks to their multi-density foam designs. This pattern keeps your feet in a relaxed, neutral position, with no pinch points. Besides, you also won’t feel any hotspots.

The open-cell OrthoLite footbed is similar to what you saw in Danner Sharptail boots. This footbed is insulating and cushioning against all impacts.

Besides, the Bi-Fit stability board ensures that your forefeet can flex comfortably as you’re hiking because it distributes your weight evenly. Therefore, you can walk for hours without any foot pain.

Thirdly, these Powderhorn boots feature high enough rubber soles. These soles might not be as light or as grippy as Vibram soles, but they’re versatile on most terrains. Besides, they also absorb shocks.

You’ll also like the handcrafted, stitch-down construction if your purpose is to use these boots on as many terrains as possible.

While these boots are best for active hunting and even urban wearing, they’re not perfect:

The Powderhorn boots are not 100% waterproof, so you can’t use them in puddles or streams. Besides, you’ll need to break them in before they start feeling comfy.

  • Warm
  • Ergonomic
  • Comfortable
  • Stable
  • Allow a natural foot flex
  • Versatile on most terrains
  • Good traction
  • Stylish
  • Not 100% waterproof
  • Not for hot weather
  • Break-in period needed

Muck Boots Woody Grit Rubber Men’s Work/Hunting Boot: best versatile rubber boots

best rubber boots for shooting The Muck Boots Woody Grit Rubber boots are a worthy alternative to the Le Chameau boots if you prefer warmer weather rubber boots.

Here’s why:

The 5 mm neoprene lining retains heat so that you can wear these boots between subfreezing and 18ᵒC. However, the Le Chameau boots are warmer, as they’re useful to -15°C.

That said, the Woody Grit boots are comfortable and flexible. They absorb shocks well, even if they don’t sport the same anti-fatigue technology as the Le Chameau boots.

Besides, the Le Chameau boots have eight calf fittings. By contrast, the Woody Grit boots don’t, although their stretch-fit Comfort Topline feels snug and flexible.

This topline is good against cold and debris, but not as good as rubber against punctures from heavy brush and against water.

So, as you can see, these Muck Boots aren’t as tough as the Le Chameau.

Still, they’re more affordable, more flexible, and more versatile. You can use these boots for nonprofessional hunting, as well as chores around your house or dog walking thanks to their rubber cup outsoles. These soles feature an aggressive tread pattern, which ensures reliable grip on wet terrain.

Plus, these Muck Boots are just 997 grams, while the Le Chameau boots are over 3kg.

  • Best for warmer weather
  • Insulating
  • Comfortable
  • Impact-absorbing
  • Flexible uppers
  • Reliable on most terrains
  • Good traction
  • Not best for professional hunting in cold weather
  • The topline uppers aren’t best for heavy brush

Irish Setter Men’s 878 Trailblazer: best waterproof boots for active hunting

best waterproof boots for huntingThese Irish Setter Trailblazer boots are comparable to the Danner Powderhorn boots because they’re both best for active hunting.

However, these Trailblazers are only ankle-high. They offer reliable ankle support, though, but they might not be as good as the Powderhorn boots in tall brush.

An essential advantage for elk trailing, though, is that these boots are lighter than the Donner’s. They’re 900 grams or so, so they’re only 100 grams more lightweight, but 100 grams can make a crucial difference when you’re hiking a lot. Even so, some customers say these boots are too heavy for them.

Besides, you may not like the hook eyelets on the Powderhorn boots. Hook eyelets aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so the Trailblazer boots feature punched eyelets for people who need more secure lacing.

Another advantage to the Trailblazers is their increased water resistance. Thanks to the UltraDry technology that combines the moisture-wicking lining with seam-sealed leather, your feet will stay nice and dry.

Besides, the full-grain leather uppers look stylish so that you can wear these boots even at work.

If you’re into active hunting or hiking, you also know the importance of getting a pair of ergonomic boots. Well, these Trailblazers feature EVA insoles and midsoles that cushion your feet against impacts.

By comparison, the Powderhorn boots feature underfoot Bi-Fit stability boards that keep your feet in a neutral position even when you’re walking. That means the Powderhorns are better if hiking gives you blisters.

But the Trailblazers offer equally reliable traction. Their bob-carbon rubber outsoles perform well in upland terrain and also absorb shocks.

And here’s the possible deal-breaker:

The Trailblazers are comfortable right out of the box, as they don’t require a break-in period.

  • Lightweight
  • Secure lacing
  • Waterproof
  • Cushioning
  • Reliable traction
  • Good right out of the box
  • Stylish
  • Not for tall brush

Lacrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro: best rubber boots for extreme cold

best rubber boots for hunting in extreme coldThese Lacrosse Alphaburly boots are the best rubber boots for cold because they feature an 800-gram Thinsulate insulation. Although they’re best between -1 to -51ᵒC, the naturally-insulating neoprene liner doesn’t let your feet overheat.

A big problem, though, is that your feet will sweat in these boots if it’s too warm outside. To solve this problem, get some electric socks or merino wool socks.

And here’s another thing:

The Alphaburly boots are half the weight of the Le Chameau rubber boots, although 50% more massive than the Muck Boots Woody Grit.

You remember that we compared these two models above, and the Lacrosse Alphaburly boots look like a compromise between these two products.

If you want the best of both worlds, the Alphaburly are lighter, but also have flexible uppers to fit most calf sizes.

Although you can’t choose the calf width, the combination of natural rubber compound and adjustable neoprene gusset offers a personalised fit.

Another advantage is the combination of EVA midsoles and fibreglass shanks because these features ensure top arch support and impact-absorption.

Besides, you can wear the Alphaburly boots on most terrains thanks to their non-loading Burly Pro outsoles. This rubber material offers top traction on wet terrain, but it’s also cushioning.

But here’s the problem:

These boots feature narrowed ankle pocket grips. These grips should prevent your heels from slipping inside the shoes, which would cause chafing and ultimately, blistering. However, some people dislike this narrow design, especially if they have thicker ankles.

  • Very warm
  • Prevents overheating
  • Flexible uppers
  • Reliable arch support
  • Top grip in all terrains and weather
  • Stylish pattern
  • Narrow ankle grips
  • Heavier than Muck Boots
  • Sweaty

In Conclusion

We reviewed some of the best hunting boots on the market. You now know that you have to pick your boots depending on the terrain, the weather, and the type of game you’re hunting. Of course, you also have to consider your budget and any preexisting foot pain or medical conditions. And don’t forget that professional hunting boots are very different than amateur hunting boots, which are more versatile.

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