10 Best Wellies for Dog Walking

The best wellies for dog walking should be comfortable for long periods.

But this essential requirement means different things to different people.

For you, it might mean easy to slip on, impact-absorbing, grippy on rugged terrain, very warm, or water-tight in streams.

So which are the best wellingtons for dog walking?

Easy; they’re the ones that fit your needs.

We’re going to help you figure out those needs before you make any purchase. That’s why we’ll analyse the wellies below in terms of their best use.

Read along if you don’t want to throw your money on a pair of boots that just don’t fit.

10 Best dog walking wellies for men and women reviewed

HUNTER Women’s High Wellington Boots: best slip-on wellies for pavement

best slip-on wellies for pavement The Hunter Women’s High Wellington Boots are some of the best slip-on wellies for pavement or mild terrain, judging by their soles’ designs.

Although the vulcanised rubber soles offer good traction, their pattern shows you they’re not best for wet rocks, ice, or rugged terrain. They’re not even warm enough for inclement weather, although you can wear them comfortably up to subfreezing temperatures – which rarely happens, anyway.

Besides, these shiny, sleek boots are not meant to be “hidden” away in the middle of a forest. You need to flaunt this stylish design and, even if your dog’s a good friend, he won’t be able to appreciate your boots.

But he’ll love the fact that you can take him out for long walks in your comfy new wellies. If you also have kids that like jumping into puddles, you and your dog can now join them.

You’ll be able to clean your wellies quickly with a damp cloth, but your dog might need a more extended bath.

Here’s the essential warning sign, though: these boots have narrow calves. Although you can spot a stylish buckle on the uppers, that’s just for show. You can’t use it for any adjustments, and you can’t pull on it to slip into your wellies, or it’ll break.

  • Grippy outsoles for pavement and mild terrain
  • Glossy finish
  • Comfortable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Narrow calf
  • Not for inclement weather or rugged terrain

Muck Chore Mid Unisex: best dog walking wellies for warm weather hiking

best dog walking wellies for warm weatherIf you and your dog enjoy hiking, consider the Muck Chore Mid Wellington Boots.

The first clue is their triple-reinforced toes, which protect your toes from impacts to rocks or other hidden debris during your climb. Besides, hikers know that climbing down adds a lot of pressure to your toe area and that’s why reinforced toes are very useful on rugged terrain.

But there’s another advantage to this feature:

You can use your wellies for lots of chores around the garden or the farm.

On the downside, you may find them a bit too heavy.

The second clue is their comfort. Many customers say they can walk hours on end with these boots on because they’re cushiony and offer good ankle support. Conversely, others say their Muck Chore Boots sprung leaks a few months after purchase, but they were still within warranty.

Now here’s why we recommend these boots for warm-weather hiking:

Firstly, their temperature rating varies from subfreezing to 18ᵒC, so it was pretty obvious we’d say that. But we also know that a lot of people who read temperature ratings figure they can add warmer socks and buy a larger pair of shoes for lower temperatures.

And here’s why that would be the wrong thing to do:

You can’t fix the other Muck Chore Boots features that recommend them for warm weather. For instance, the rubber sole is grippy, but the 0.5-inch heels and lug pattern aren’t fit for snowy or icy terrain.

Secondly, the breathable air mesh lining is best for warmer weather, not inclement conditions below -15ᵒC.

  • Triple reinforced toes
  • Reliable for lots of chores
  • Comfortable for long periods
  • Cushiony
  • Ankle support
  • Subfreezing to 18ᵒc
  • The rubber sole is grippy
  • Breathable air mesh lining
  • Not for snowy, icy weather
  • Somewhat heavy and wide
  • Some customers claim the boots sprung leaks within months of use

Bogs Sauvie Slip-On Wellies: best short wellies for long walks

best short wellies for long walksThe Bogs Sauvie slip-on wellies are best for long walks because they’re incredibly comfortable. The extra cushioning, warmth, and flexibility ensure that you can be on your feet for hours without developing any pain.

Here’s why:

The rebound cushioning midsole is shock-absorbing. That means that when your soles “hit” the ground, you won’t feel that hit as painful. Your feet can stay relaxed, in a neutral position when you walk because the midsole will rebound to its original shape.

The rubber BioGrip soles are flexible too so that you can hike for long hours. Moreover, BOGS claims that these soles are anti-slip on muddy grounds or pavement.

But, if you read the user reviews and analyse the Sauvie soles’ pattern, you’ll realise that this description might not be accurate on sloped, slippery hills. If these boots were to have a heel, you’d be able to thrust it into the ground for better grip.

The 3mm Neo-tech waterproof insulation and the Bogs Max-Wick lining keep your feet dry and toasty inside the shoes. The insulation won’t let water get inside your shoes, while the lining absorbs your sweat.

But there’s a problem with these boots’ waterproofing abilities:

The Bogs Sauvie have side mesh panels, so they’re not entirely waterproof. However, these panels are soft and flexible, and that’s perfect for long walks.

A lot of people usually complain that their ankle-high wellies are painful in the ankle area. But Bogs Sauvie’s innovative mesh design means you won’t have to deal with that hurt.

And, when you’re back from your long walk, you won’t have to feel embarrassed about how your feet smell.

Chances are they’ll smell like roses and baby milk thanks to the DuraFresh biotechnology in the lining, which kills the smelly-feet causing bacteria.

  • Shock-absorbing midsole
  • Flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable and soft side mesh panels
  • Wick sweat
  • Odour-resistant
  • Not 100% waterproof
  • You can slip on sloped, muddy terrain
  • Narrow fit

HUNTER Women’s W Org Refined Chelsea Boots: best stylish slip-on wellies

best short wellies for dog walking women
The Hunter Women’s Refined Chelsea boots are truly refined. The only thing that stops you from wearing them at a party is their rubber design.

Otherwise, they’re sleek and sexy because the people at Hunter did a fantastic job handcrafting them from twenty-eight parts.

But there’s a disadvantage to this sleek apparel: not everyone can get their feet in.

Some purchasing customers complain that the Chelsea wellies are difficult to slip on, while others claim they’re too painful on their ankles and toes.

Conversely, customers who don’t have wide feet appreciate the Chelseas for their functional features.

For instance, the 100% vulcanised rubber construction is an advantage because it’s durable and resistant against scratches and punctures. Besides, this material is lightweight and offers good traction on slippery terrain.

And now we’ve reached a new point of controversy: the outsole.

So, while we agree that vulcanised rubber is a grippy material, we can’t help but notice the lack of prominent lugs on the outsole.

We don’t think this is a design flaw. We believe that Hunter wanted to make feminine-looking wellies and they felt that prominent lugs would ruin that design. However, this choice decreases the overall traction capabilities of Chelsea wellies.

Thankfully, there’s the 1-inch heel.

Wait, did you think the heels are there just to make the wellies look pretty?

No. These sexy heels can save you from slipping on sloped, muddy terrain because you can thrust them into the ground.

That means you can run after your dog in the best-looking wellies on the market. Even through mud and hills!

Plus, your feet will feel comfortable while you’re doing that. The 1-inch heel gives these boots a higher curve in the sole area so that your arches are better supported. And that means you can walk your dog for hours pain-free

  • Stylish design
  • Prevent arch pain
  • 1-inch heel
  • Waterproof
  • Durable and resistant vulcanised rubber construction
  • Reliable traction
  • May fail on wet rocks
  • May feel too narrow

Lakeland Active Men’s: best men’s dog walking wellies for rugged conditions

best dog walking wellies for menThe Lakeland Active Men’s Rydal wellies are the best rubber boots for dog walking in the cold and on rugged terrain because they’re sturdy and warm.

Firstly, the natural rubber sole has massive lugs that promote aggressive traction. Therefore, you won’t fall on slippery slopes, rocky terrain, or wet rocks. Besides, the steel reinforcement is grippy on heavy soil.

The other advantage of these thick soles is impact-absorption.

So, thanks to all this cushioning and traction, you can delight your dog with day-long hikes.

The rubber uppers are waterproof too so that you can wear these boots in the rain, snow, or even through puddles. And best of all, you can clean your wellies easily when you get home.

And now for the million-dollar question:

Are these boots waterproof completely?

We’re thinking of the 5 mm neoprene areas particularly.

Well, according to the seller, “the Lakeland Active Rydal is fully waterproof right up to the top line.” The official description even reads that these boots are great for anglers, and some purchasing customers tested them in running streams.

That said, we’re big fans of the neoprene uppers. This material is warm and flexible so that you can walk your dog for long periods up to -20ᵒC. When you get back, use the kick rim to take your wellies off without straining or getting your hands dirty.

But watch out!

Don’t get the neoprene part caught in wire because this material tears easily. Besides, some purchasing customers noticed that these wellies lack durability, so they’re better for occasional use, not daily wear and tear.

  • Warm to -20ᵒC
  • Snug
  • Flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent traction on all terrain
  • Cushiony soles
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • The neoprene part is easy to tear
  • Better for occasional use

Lakeland Active Women’s: best women’s dog walking wellies for rugged conditions

best womens wellies for dog walkingThe Lakeland Active Women’s Rydal Wellies are precisely the same as the Men’s Rydal.

We let you think for a while because this statement has its good parts and its bad parts.

With what do you want to start?

On the downside, these boots have similar problems with the easy-to-tear neoprene lining and the lack of durability.

But there’s a more significant downside:

There’s no design difference between the women’s and the men’s Rydal boots. No higher arch, no sleeker uppers, no narrower calf.

The boots are the same, which tells us the designers at Lakeland Active either don’t know or don’t care about the anatomical differences between male and female legs. These differences relate to the ergonomics of walking, so they influence your posture and overall comfort.

On the plus side, we don’t have to write about it again.

Just kidding.

The significant advantages are that these boots have reliable traction on all sorts of terrain. They’re flexible and easy to slip on and off. The thick soles are grippy, but they also cushion your feet very well.

Purchasing customers with preexisting lower-back surgeries that can’t wear regular wellies anymore appreciate the Women’s Rydal shock absorption on rugged, uneven terrain.

Besides, everyone admits that these boots are waterproof and perform well in water, mud, and gravel. After you’ve finished walking your dog, you can take your wellies out quickly by pushing on the kick rim.

And they’re easy to clean.

Just like the Men’s Rydal, the Women Rydal boots are also warm to -20ᵒC and boast sole steel shafts for extra stability on heavy soil.

  • Warm to -20ᵒC
  • Snug
  • Flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent traction on all terrain
  • Cushiony soles
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • The neoprene part is easy to tear
  • Better for occasional use
  • No design difference from the men’s model

Muck Boots Unisex: best for rainy dog walks

good wellies for rainy dog walksThe Muck Boots Unisex Adult’s Arctic Sport Boots are reliable mid-calf wellies for dog-walking in the rain. The good part about their unisex design is that differently gendered people in the same household can share them.

The bad part is that, as we pointed out above, a unisex design foregoes some anatomical particularities between sexes so that it compromises some ergonomics.

But, if you don’t have preexisting medical conditions that require a specifically tailored boot, these Arctics are among the best wellington boots for walking the dog.

A lot of happy customers agree that the Arctic wellies are so comfortable, they feel like slippers.

Besides, these wellies’ rugged soles offer the same proficient traction as the Lakeland Active boots above. One difference is that the Arctic boots are mid-calf only, so you can’t get into knee-high streams with them.

But the crucial difference is that these Arctics are more durable than the Lakeland Active boots.

Plus, the Arctics offer better sole support. The Lakeland Active boots’ cushioning derived mostly from the thickness of their soles and flexible rubber, whereas the arctic wellies sport EVA midsoles. This footbed material is known for its functional arch support, so many people with plantar fasciitis or bunions buy EVA shoes.

Here’s another advantage:

EVA is an insulating material, that doesn’t let heat escape. In combination with the 2mm thermal foam and fleece lining, these materials ensure that your feet remain dry and toasty even during long walks in the cold.

Now for the downside:

The 5mm neoprene area is insulating and allows you to slip in the boots easily, BUT some customers complain about it being too loose. Conversely, people with wide calves think these wellies fit too snug at first but admit they loosen over time.

Therefore, we recommend these boots mostly to people with wide calf and people who like to tuck their pants inside the boots.

  • Comfortable
  • Top traction including on ice
  • Durable
  • Top cushioning and arch support
  • Very warm
  • Easy to slip on
  • The neoprene area feels too stretchy to people who prefer a snug fit
  • Some customers say these boots are difficult to take off

Hunter Women Original Short Wellingtons: best for autumn dog walks

best wellies for walkingThese Hunter Original Short Wellington Boots are best for walking your dog in autumn-like moderate temperatures, so don’t expect a hot pair of wellies like the Muck Boots Arctic or the Lakeland Active.

That said, you’ll like the fully waterproof uppers that allow you to roam through puddles, mud, and shallow streams. The vulcanised rubber outsole ensures top traction on wet leaves and slippery terrain, especially as these boots have prominent lugs and 2.5 cm heels to thrust in slippery slopes.

Besides, Hunter backs all its shoes and boots with a 24-month warranty, which means the Original Short wellies are durable.

The problem that a few customers notice is that you can’t claim this warranty unless you buy the Hunter boots directly from the official website. However, their price on Amazon is lower, and the likelihood of purchasing durable wellies is very high.

After all, you can see the Hunter branding moulded on the front, which is a sure sign these wellies are originals.

Customers also like the soft and breathable nylon lining that doesn’t let sweat accumulate inside the wellies.

The buckle closure is another advantage because these boots accommodate wider calves. However, while most people agree that you can slip on the Hunter Original Short boots easily, some confess they struggled to take them off.

That’s because the ankle is somewhat narrow. This design feature isn’t a flaw; instead, it complements the wellie’s primary purpose, which is walking through a rainy, wet, slippery autumn environment. As such, you need a narrower ankle portion for better support. The compromise you have to make is putting in a bit of effort when you’re taking off your shoes.

  • Original Hunters
  • Durable
  • Fully waterproof
  • Reliable traction on slippery terrain
  • Comfortable
  • Soft
  • Breathable
  • Top ankle support
  • Require some effort to remove

Aigle Unisex Parcours 2 Vario: best stylish anti-fatigue boots for all calves

best aigle wellies for walkingAigle Unisex Parcours 2 Vario wellies are best if you have preexisting chronic pain or recovering from surgery. Or if you simply want to look stylish and dress in comfort.

The Parcours 2 Vario boots aren’t cheap, but you’re paying for quality time with your dog.

If you have mobility issues, you know the importance of a comfy pair of shoes, both for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Now here’s why these boots are the right choice:

The insole has two parts: absorbent foam over a Softex lined rubber base. That means the insoles support your arches in a neutral, and relaxed position. Besides, your feet won’t hurt when your soles hit the ground because the insoles are shock-absorbing.

The three-density natural rubber outsole is very cushiony as well. And just looking at its pattern, you realise that these wellies have top traction.

Another advantage is that the heels have damping cushions. These pads behave similarly to return springs that give back some of the energy you’re using to take a step.

So while these boots weigh over 2 kg, you won’t feel they’re heavy.

The Gomma-Plus natural rubber uppers look stylish, but they’re also flexible and comfortable. The buckle closure lets you slip the boots on quickly and adjust them according to your calf size.

Besides, you can see the narrow ankles construction that keeps your feet steady even on dangerous terrain. Thanks to the uppers’ buckle design and flexibility, you don’t have to compromise ankle support for calf comfort or vice-versa.

  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Top ankle support
  • Flexible
  • Buckle closure
  • Easy to dry
  • Expensive
  • Heavy

UGG Womens 1014452 Sienna: best warm dog walking wellington boots for wide feet

best rubber boots for dog walkingIf you have wide feet, we recommend these waterproof UGG Women’s Siena. All customers agree that they’re easy to slip in and comfortable.

As long as you wear calf-length socks or tights.

Here’s why:

The inner edge of these wellies is a bit rough so that it can rub on your bare skin when you’re walking.

Remember though that these are among the best rubber boots for dog walking in low temperatures thanks to their UGG Pure Wool insoles. These shearling insoles are soft and cushiony, but also insulating.

So, if you need warm wellies for low temperatures, chances are you are wearing socks or tights.

The downside of these warm insoles is that you can’t remove them to wear the boots in warm summer rains.

Besides, we also recommend these boots mostly for pavement or comfortable treks because the rubber sole has low-profile lugs. However, if you do happen to stumble on some slippery slopes, the 1-inch heels turn into reliable breaks.

  • Waterproof
  • Best for wide calves
  • Warm, fluffy shearling insoles
  • Grippy-enough rubber sole
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Rough inner edge
  • Not for rough terrain

In Conclusion

Choose your dog walking shoes carefully. You already learnt from this article which are the best wellies for dog walking according to your needs.

You now know you have to take into account your foot and calf size, preexisting medical conditions, plus your budget. Also consider where you’ll walk your dog, for how long, and in what weather.

Don’t compromise your health and don’t waste your budget on a pair of boots that don’t fit your needs just because lots of customers praise them.

Here’s a quick reminder of the top dog-walking wellies on the market and their best use:

  • HUNTER Women’s High: Best slip-on wellies for pavement
  • Bogs Sauvie: Best slip-on wellies for long walks
  • HUNTER Women’s W Org Refined Chelsea: Best stylish slip-on wellies
  • Lakeland Active Men’s Rydal: Best men’s dog-walking wellies for rugged conditions
  • Lakeland Active Women’s Rydal: Best women’s dog-walking wellies for rugged conditions
  • Muck Boots Unisex Adults’ Arctic: Best for rainy dog walks
  • Hunter Women Original Short: Best for autumn dog walks
  • Muck Chore Mid Unisex: Best dog walking wellies for warm-weather hiking
  • Aigle Parcours 2 Vario: Best stylish anti-fatigue boots for all calves
  • UGG Womens 1014452 Sienna: Best warm dog-walking wellies for wide feet




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