20 Most Comfortable Shoes

most comfortable shoes

Did you know that wearing uncomfortable shoes is a primary cause of bunions, painful callouses, and chronic pain? According to medical literature, 9-30% of the world’s population suffers from foot pain. If you’re working long shifts, enjoy prolonged walks, or have small children, you need to purchase the right shoes now before pain sets in. … Read more

5 Best Netball Trainers

best netball trainers

Did you know that the most common netball injuries occur because you’re choosing the wrong pair of shoes? And I’m not just talking about low-quality shoes, but shoes that aren’t fit for your role on the court. If you’re doing your research on other websites, you’ll see that most authors simply describe the specs of … Read more

Best Boots For Dog Walking: 12 models for men & women

best boots for dog walking uk

Choosing the best boots for dog walking can be daunting. After all, there are lots of different models on the market. You have to choose between boots, hiking shoes, urban shoes, wellies, and so much more. You have to take into account factors such as waterproof level, warmth, cushioning, height, and foot support. Apart from … Read more

Best Sheepskin Boots: 9 Cosy Models That FIT Your NEEDS

best sheepskin boots uk

Sheepskin boots are all the rage in winter urban fashion. They’re light and comfortable for long periods, plus they’re so soft that you can wear them without socks! The best sheepskin boots are much cosier than hiking boots but have similar advantages. Choose the right pair carefully, to keep your balance on snow and your … Read more

10 Best Snow Boots For Walking on Ice

best shoes for icy pavements

When you’re picking the best boots for walking on icy pavements you have to consider lots of factors. Are these boots stable and non-slip? Are they warm and comfortable? Where can you wear them? Do they fit? It’s no wonder you feel you always have to compromise. But what if we told you that you … Read more

7 Best Shoes for Nurses

best shoes for nurses

If you’re a nurse, you probably know the importance of your footwear. It can cause foot pain, tendonitis, or plantar fasciitis. Uncomfortable shoes can trigger various aches and pains while comfortable shoes can alleviate them. Besides, you’re on the front line of saving patients, pulling long shifts and getting little rest. That’s another reason why … Read more