UK shoe size to EU: How to Choose the Right Sized Shoes

UK to EU shoe size chart

It’s pretty complicated getting everything right when it comes to choosing the correct shoe size. You know by now that measuring your foot doesn’t solve the problem. But we’re here to save the day. Further down you can find the UK to EU shoe size conversion for women, men and children. Take a look at … Read more

How To Make Safety Boots More Comfortable

how to make work boots more comfortable

It’s not until you put them on that you realise why safety boots are a long distance from being called comfort boots. It’s reassuring to wear them when you have to work with heavy machinery, chemicals or various hazardous items. You’ll be safe from electrical risks and slipping, but you might end up with blisters, … Read more

How To Stretch Wellies Effortlessly: 6 Straightforward Methods

how to stretch wellies

If you’re looking for advice on how to stretch wellington boots, it means you already know that you should be able to do it. Although it’s not as easy as breaking in leather shoes, you can model the durable rubber material for a bit of extra comfort. You can use several methods, depending on the … Read more

Tried And Tested: Tips On How To Dry Out Wellies

how to dry wellies fast

For starters, the best approach is getting more than one pair of wellies so you can ease up because you’re not under pressure and can rotate them. This depends on how often you use them: whether you use your wellingtons daily for farm work or taking weekly/monthly muddy walks with your dog. But in case … Read more

How To Measure Shoe Size: An Easy DIY Guide

how to measure shoe size at home

If you think you don’t need an article to tell you how to measure feet size, think again! Some studies point to the fact that most people wear smaller shoe sizes than their actual feet size. That often leads to health issues and discomfort and could become an even bigger problem for people with diabetes. … Read more

How To Choose Walking Boots: Comprehensive Guide To Sore-Free Feet

how to choose walking boots uk

If you’re typing this question on Google or asking a sales assistant, the sheer quantity of information can seem overwhelming. You’ll have to push your way through unfamiliar terms and material names before making your choice. And choosing isn’t a breeze either. You’re not going to make an “informed” choice if you’re weighing between details … Read more

8 Best Stability Running Shoes

best stability running shoes for overpronation

A few years ago, the best stability running shoes had rigid constructions that kept your feet in a secure grip, almost like a pair of claws. The purpose was to correct your stride, at the expense of flexibility, bounce, and running efficiency. Today’s best stability running shoes feature more technological advancements based on biomechanical studies. … Read more