7 Benefits of Walking Your Dog Daily

benefits of dog walking

Don’t keep your little buddy all to yourself – put on a pair of boots and get your pet out into the fresh air for a quick walk. I promise that you’ll both be happier! Plus, if you don’t share your life with one yet, you can always volunteer to walk a dog at your … Read more

10 Benefits of Walking for Women

benefits of walking for women

Walking is a great way to exercise. It’s free, easy, and convenient. It is low impact, which makes it easier on the body than running or other intense activities. A typical walking workout can burn 400 calories per hour in a 160 lbs person! A brisk walk for half an hour every day has been … Read more

Wide Fit Boots: Frequently Asked Questions

wide-fit walking boots faq

There is an increased demand for wide-fit walking boots, even from those who would normally wear a narrower cut. The reason is the wide fit for high insteps as it reduces pressure on the feet and prevents them from slipping back and forth in the boot, which causes blisters. In addition, wearers with bunions and … Read more

How do I know if my walking boots fit correctly?

how to tell if my walking boots fit correctly

When first trying a pair of walking boots, it’s difficult to tell whether the fit is correct. This is especially true if you’ve never owned a pair of walking boots before, or have only ever worn running shoes/trainers. So how can you know whether the shoes that seem to fit right now will be the … Read more

Do I Have Wide Feet?

how to tell if you have wide feet

If you’re questioning whether or not you have wide feet, then there’s a good chance that the answer is yes. Generally speaking, if your foot is wider than normal-width shoes go, then you probably have wide feet. Having wide feet can make it hard to find cute shoes that fit well. Shoes for people with … Read more

How to Care for Nursing Shoes

how to care for nursing shoes

Nurses can walk for many miles in a 12-hour shift, and their shoes take a beating. However, taking care of your nursing shoes can make them last longer and give your feet the support they need for as long as possible. In this article, we’ll talk about eight tips to help you keep your nursing … Read more

6 Tips to make sure your shoes last longer

how to make sure your shoes last longer

When you buy designer shoes, it’s easy to forget that they’re made of genuine leather and should be treated like expensive pieces of furniture. Just like you wouldn’t want to go out and sit on the floor without putting on some pants first (although we all do it occasionally), you shouldn’t allow your shoes to … Read more

Leather vs Fabric – which material is best for shoes?

leather shoes vs fabric shoes

You may be wondering what’s better for shoes: leather or fabric? To answer this question, we must first understand the differences between these two materials. Fabric is more economical and tends to stretch out of shape over time. Leather is sturdier and lasts longer, but it costs more. There are other factors that you should … Read more

How to care for leather shoes

how to care for leather shoes

Your favourite pair of shoes is looking worse. You want to fix the cracks in the leather and make them look as good as new again, but you have no idea how. Luckily, caring for your leather shoes is simple – as long as you know what you’re doing. Read on to find out more … Read more